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With virtual assistant you will easily meet all the mandatory requirements for structural steel products' CE marking according to the EN 1090-1. With our over 80 CE marking project experience you can't fail.

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"Juhani provided brilliant training and the appropriate documentation outlining individual objectives and creating a roadmap for success. We highly recommend Innover's services in providing the right assistance to overcome potential obstacles and supporting us on applying for the CE Marking."

WIC Contracting
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"Juhani and Jarkko made the CE marking process so easy and simple. It took less than a month to get our CE mark and we had no other process in place. Auditor's comments -A very thoroughly and comprehensively documented."

MEZZ Floors UK
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"VTT Expert Services Oy (Notified Body No. 0809) has been the certification body in several CE marking projects handled by Jarkko and Juhani. Their active and professional touch has enabled seamless coordination and certification process. We are very satisfied with the results thus far and can recommend their expertise to construction product manufacturers."

VTT Expert Services
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"We started our CE marking project on Monday and had the FPC system audited on the same week's Thursday. We had no idea that CE markings could be obtained this quickly and painlessly."

Kone ja Metalli Havukainen
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CE mark your products without a consultant

We have divided the whole CE marking project into simple steps that you need to complete. Just watch the video, download the documents, follow the written instructions and you will be done.

The best thing is that you do not need to have any prerequisites – we will teach you everything you need to do and know.

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We have included all FPC documents

Nothing takes more time than having to start writing an FPC documentation from nothing. We feel your pain and have included all necessary FPC document templates that just need a little bit of tweaking on your part. It is 95 % done.

We use these same FPC documents in our own CE marking projects and have been able to finish the whole CE marking project in three (3) days!

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Just follow the instructions - and that's it

You can be the coolest guy at the office and show your true worth to your boss – We’ll guarantee that you will succeed. Best thing is that you will also learn to keep the FPC system up and running in the future.

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You will save thousands of dollars

Consultants can be notorious for their high fees and now you can avoid paying them altogether. You will end up saving your money and at the same time get the convenience of good instructions and support.

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Start CE project today with CE Wizard

CE Wizard is totally FREE… why? Because we are just so cool!

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